Rain with a chance of speedballs…

The past few months have been rather challenging for myself and the other half. As suggested in the title of the blog “Rain with a chance of speed-balls” that’s exactly what our life has evolved into. The title was initially intended as ‘tongue in cheek’ regarding our situation and a sprinkling of daftness, but the words we are going to write will be open and honest.

Before I continue, its important to bring you up to speed and put you in the picture. We are a couple who are trying to get through life one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time. He is afflicted with the disease of addiction. I am his partner, who is trying to help him fight his demons. Together we are a partnership, relationship, a family, a team, lovers . . . we are soulmates.

Of recent, there have been a lot of rainy days. The dark clouds have seemingly followed us, casting a certain darkness our way and at times, drenching us. And there have been the speed-balls, there’s been no ‘chance’ in it. It’s happening. True story.

The blog was an idea of connecting. . . because the opposite of addiction is connection.

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