Are you full? . . .

Another year.

A new decade.

Christmas once again, been and gone.

Did you have your dessertspoonful? tablespoonful? Did you have your bellyful?

Was your Yuletide Superpowerful? Ultrapowerful? Did you keep your pitchersful, tumblersful or thimbleful? More importantly your plattersful? That’s the way to be cheerful.

Were the gifts you received characterful? Nonmeaningful? Distasteful? But the ones you gave colourful, skillful and thoughtful?

Was the merriment plentiful? Wonderful? With another surge of family and friends produces another bottleful, plateful sat around a tableful. Not forgetting the Christmas cracker jokes. Dreadful.

Was the day bountiful? plaintful? We retire to our chairs slothful to watch the queens speech. Dutiful. Hopeful. Doubtful.

After weeks of planning being overcareful, resourceful and foresightful (dare i say distressful?) The anti climax is impactful.

We say it again like the year before: “I’m a little bit resentful and a lot regretful for being over fanciful and a tad too wasteful”. It shouldn’t make us Tristful, dirgeful or avengeful.

We mustn’t become forgetful but remain mindful and respectful, count our blessings and be grateful. Soulful. Joyful.

Remaining to be faithful, graceful and worshipful . . . TO HIM UPSTAIRS! After all he invited us to the party!

Think about it! His life for us merciful . . . it really is quite beautiful . . .

So may 2020 be peaceful.

May your heart be full.

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