Concerned until proven concerned…

A new week in group.

Feelings check.

All but one knew the sketch.

“Lets start with you”

The group facilitator invited the first of twelve,

to express covertly how they felt.

Gratitude is a common theme.

Grateful. Connected. Fatigued. Present.

Indifferent. Humble. Calm. Giddy

Each person has their own ‘set of words’ and rarely diverts from their own narrative.

Progressively moving clockwise, each taking their turn,

I notice quite quickly that the same word is churned.

It seems that my peers are collectively ‘concerned’!

Grateful. Connected. Concerned.

Fatigued. Present. Concerned.

Indifferent. Humble. Concerned.

Calm. Giddy. Concerned.

At this point I’m feeling quite perturbed.

I’m up. Number 12

“I’m feeling rather concerned myself!” I say in a bemused manner.

But nobody laughed. They just looked at me.

The stark realisation hit that they were concerned for me.

Humiliation hit hard.

The thing I was concerned to learn was the concernment spurned from all concerned.

Feeling check adjourned.

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