Concerned until proven concerned…

A new week in group. Feelings check. All but one knew the sketch. “Lets start with you” The group facilitator invited the first of twelve, to express covertly how they felt. Gratitude is a common theme. Grateful. Connected. Fatigued. Present. Indifferent. Humble. Calm. Giddy Each person has their own ‘set of words’ and rarely divertsContinue reading “Concerned until proven concerned…”

Not a beggar nor a wino

“Excuse me miss, are you local?”  I turn with subtlety to retort. . .   “you could say that”.  I kept it short . . . I knew what was next  I sit on the bench; you know to get myself comfy  For this jack-a-nory.  I already know the story. But I give him his glory. Continue reading “Not a beggar nor a wino”

Are you full? . . .

Another year. A new decade. Christmas once again, been and gone. Did you have your dessertspoonful? tablespoonful? Did you have your bellyful? Was your Yuletide Superpowerful? Ultrapowerful? Did you keep your pitchersful, tumblersful or thimbleful? More importantly your plattersful? That’s the way to be cheerful. Were the gifts you received characterful? Nonmeaningful? Distasteful? But theContinue reading “Are you full? . . .”

“God, You’re a C*NT!”. . .

As with many aging individuals, Donald Senior resents God. He blames him for the passing of his late and dear wife. Childishly believing that maybe God awoke that morning; Ate breakfast, brewed some coffee, fired up a quality cuban and sat back in his study. Wearing a white smoking jacket and cravat – meticulously planningContinue reading ““God, You’re a C*NT!”. . .”

Tears for fears…

The year is drawing to the end – praise be, A funny old year for my family and me. Two diagnoses of cancer a death and addiction, they all come to me with their afflictions. I’m a pretty strong woman who has her ‘sh*t together’, happy-go-lucky and rarely under the weather. But ‘Oh my gosh!Continue reading “Tears for fears…”

Methadone in the madness . . .

I’m sat on the settee with my love. He’s passing me grapes. The cat’s getting in on the action, purring away and lording it up. It’s the first glimpse of normality we have seen in days, if you could call our current life normal. It’s really late. My phone has died so I’m unaware ofContinue reading “Methadone in the madness . . .”

The Pseudo Christian. . .

“Give your burdens to the lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall” psalm 55:22 These are words of comfort that i sent to a friend this morning… When i read them again, I realise they are words of advice that i should probably takeContinue reading “The Pseudo Christian. . .”

Mans Lament . . .

So very humbling to see the sight, A man asks God to ease his plight. On his knees, his hands in prayerI watch and lament a mans despair. His words were silent.I knew them well,we’re not so indifferent, nor infidel. Absorbed by the silence and solitudeA remedy to aid tormented moods. A new morn came.Continue reading “Mans Lament . . .”

A Slice of Nice…

So after the first failed attempt of intravenously administering the “cocktail” of class A drugs, I needed to re-evaluate the situation. Everything that was needed for the operation was to hand. The paraphernalia and the access; in the form of a cannula that the foundation doctor had inserted in A&E. I had managed to wangleContinue reading “A Slice of Nice…”