Methadone in the madness . . .

I’m sat on the settee with my love. He’s passing me grapes. The cat’s getting in on the action, purring away and lording it up. It’s the first glimpse of normality we have seen in days, if you could call our current life normal. It’s really late. My phone has died so I’m unaware ofContinue reading “Methadone in the madness . . .”

A Slice of Nice…

So after the first failed attempt of intravenously administering the “cocktail” of class A drugs, I needed to re-evaluate the situation. Everything that was needed for the operation was to hand. The paraphernalia and the access; in the form of a cannula that the foundation doctor had inserted in A&E. I had managed to wangleContinue reading “A Slice of Nice…”