Are you full? . . .

Another year. A new decade. Christmas once again, been and gone. Did you have your dessertspoonful? tablespoonful? Did you have your bellyful? Was your Yuletide Superpowerful? Ultrapowerful? Did you keep your pitchersful, tumblersful or thimbleful? More importantly your plattersful? That’s the way to be cheerful. Were the gifts you received characterful? Nonmeaningful? Distasteful? But theContinue reading “Are you full? . . .”

Mans Lament . . .

So very humbling to see the sight, A man asks God to ease his plight. On his knees, his hands in prayerI watch and lament a mans despair. His words were silent.I knew them well,we’re not so indifferent, nor infidel. Absorbed by the silence and solitudeA remedy to aid tormented moods. A new morn came.Continue reading “Mans Lament . . .”