Not a beggar nor a wino

“Excuse me miss, are you local?”  I turn with subtlety to retort. . .   “you could say that”.  I kept it short . . . I knew what was next  I sit on the bench; you know to get myself comfy  For this jack-a-nory.  I already know the story. But I give him his glory. Continue reading “Not a beggar nor a wino”

Are you full? . . .

Another year. A new decade. Christmas once again, been and gone. Did you have your dessertspoonful? tablespoonful? Did you have your bellyful? Was your Yuletide Superpowerful? Ultrapowerful? Did you keep your pitchersful, tumblersful or thimbleful? More importantly your plattersful? That’s the way to be cheerful. Were the gifts you received characterful? Nonmeaningful? Distasteful? But theContinue reading “Are you full? . . .”